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Shaley Pence

Welcome! I'm a quilt pattern designer located in Indiana. I'm a mostly self-taught quilter who is obsessed with Foundation Paper Piecing. My goal is to spread kindness and love for Foundation Paper Piecing in the quilting community.

Outside of the quilting world, I'm a mother to a toddler, a dog mom to an adopted mutt, a wife to a wonderful redhead, and I work as a medical coder for a local hospital.

My first quilt was created on a borrowed machine for a baby shower using the bridesmaid dress I wore at the wedding, and I made SO many mistakes. I almost didn't gift it! Luckily some supportive creatives (thanks Mom!) reminded me to not be so hard on myself and encouraged me to improve my skills.

When I stumbled upon Foundation Paper Piecing about a year later, I became obsessed, and I found that creating the pattern was just as much fun as sewing it! Luckily some kind online quilters asked me to share my patterns- that's how this all started!


Make Modern Magazine - Issue 54

"The Verge" pattern was published in Make Modern Magazine Issue 54 in 2023

Brightly colored geometric miniature quilt

Curate Quilts - Issue 22, Paper Pieced

The mini quilt "Tilda-Whirl" was featured in the Curated Quilts magazine issue 22 in 2022.

Homespun Australia - Issue 214, June 2023/July 2023

My pattern Head Up Polar Bear from my "Very Bear-y Throw Pillow" pattern was featured in a shout-out under the "best of the best from Pinterest".

Interested in custom patterns or quilts? Have questions or comments?