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Request Custom Foundation Paper Pieced Patterns

I'm taking a limited number of custom designs every month. Pricing is dependent upon size, complexity, and if you want me to sew a trial run before you receive the pattern.

Designs will include one size, labels, color coding labels (if desired), 1/4" seam guidelines, a labeled overview of the pattern all on a PDF file of your preferred paper size.

Simple design (less than 4 sections) - starting at $15

Moderate design (5-10 sections) - starting at $25

Complex design (10+ sections) - starting at $40

Larger patterns will take extra time and so will cost more than small patterns

Add $40+ for me to sew a trial run of each pattern

Estimates are based on time spent on the project, please reach out for a quote on your project!

Discounts will be offered if the design is something that I'm interested in selling later (with your permission!)